1. I was looking for photos for something else and came across these photos of our family dog, who we had to put down a few years ago for age related reasons. She was completely blind and came to us through our grandparents as a buddy for my brother Kieran. She was so, so lovely. She just wanted to be loved and would go around the room inserting her head under people’s arms and hands and flinging them up in a motion that said, “Pet me!” She loved to swim and go to the beach and roll in the sand, much like myself. She knew the sound of my car, and would wait patiently until I turned off the engine and opened the car door before beelining towards me, even when I hadn’t been home in months. Her arthritis got pretty bad closer to the end, and she had difficulty climbing up on sofas and beds where she used to sneak onto with ease when nobody was looking. And now I’m going through pictures of her on my hard drive and crying. Who’s a good puppy? Angel’s a good puppy! She’ll always be with us.