1. Mom

  2. Journaling, 2014

  3. Flower reconstructed from 10 dying tulips.

  4. One corner of our art collection.

    Our house is covered in art. Surprise, eh? 

    Our collection consists of everything from paintings to sculptures to prints, and otherwise. It’s quite eclectic, containing work from family members (those sunflowers were done by my great-Opa), works we’ve made, bought and been given as gifts.

    The key to all the work we have in our house? It makes us happy. We chose pieces based on how they make us feel when we see them, not on what’s deemed valuable or important. Your art collection is just that, yours. So why not surround you with the things that bring you joy?

    That’s the method to my madness, anyway.

  5. EXCITING NEWS! This Saturday (Feb 1st) I’ll be at Argyle Fine Art drawing from 1:30-3:30pm

    I’ll be in the gallery, drawing the gallery and Pre-Shrunk show (which is up until Feb 11th), which I have a painting in… So meta.

    Come and say, “heeeyyy!”, it’s going to be a good time!