1. nock-nock-nock:

    Miniature Models of Famous Artists in their Studios

    • Jackson Pollock
    • Willem de Kooning
    • Inka Essenhigh
    • Chuck Close
    • April Gornik
    • Constantin Brâncuși
    • Ross Bleckner
    • Matthew Ritchie
    • Henri Matisse

    These miniatures were made by Joseph Fig for his incredible book Inside the Painter’s Studio. If you paint, or do any studio work, it’s a really great insight into different painter’s studio practices through intimate interviews. If you go to NSCAD it is available in the Foundation Office.

    (Source: twistedsifter.com, via acrylicalchemy)

  2. Mom

  3. breadforcats:

    Trying to tell me something…..

    I love this picture of Zooey and I love Bread for Cats!

  4. Friday! Ack! 


    Edit: The show is actually in the upper gallery (!!!) and runs until October 11th.

  5. Our new little bear by ceramics artist Bronwyn Arundel from Argyle Fine Art.

    I won’t lie, I love him.

    Bronwyn makes other animals too, I was pretty tempted by a tiny skunk…